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We create our own beer recipes – with homemade malt forming the basis for a secret composition of ingredients, called a “BOM package” – that we brew according to the principles of a gypsy-brewery. The Triporteur beers are our point of departure and our basic beers. Besides those, we also launch a special beer line with once-off products.


A heavily hopped beer brewed using home-baked malt. Triporteur From Heaven is the modern version of traditional hopped ale.


Triporteur From Hell is a dark beer brewed with hellish burned and roasted BOM malt. The beer reminds us of chocolate, caramel, recently brewed coffee and freshly baked bread.

Classic Trippel

Nippel, the perfect name to draw your attention to a classic Belgian trippel. It is time to brew a naked version of a classic Belgian beauty.

Full Moon 12

Full Moon 12 is brewed with freshly roasted BOM malts. It is aged on home-toasted Belgian oak sourced from a barrel we cut up ourselves with a chainsaw.


These are special beers that we brew and produce on a one time only basis, never to be repeated. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled and follow us on social media to be the first to know then they drop!

Bling Bling

Our Bling Bling Imperial King is made with real 24K gold flakes to create this decadent beer. It is an over-the-top “pimped out with lots of Hops” Triporteur Golden Ale.


Hit is a white beer for real malt lovers. Where normally a classic white beer is brewed with large quantities of raw wheat, as a malt baker we brew this white beer mainly with wheat malt and oat malt.


Haze is a New England IPA brewed with lightly-roasted oat malt and oat flakes. More than 35 kilograms of hops were added during the brewing process: in the whirlpool and during fermentation and maturation.

Belgian Oak

For the Belgian Oak, Bert Van Hecke roasted Belgian oak at different temperatures, giving the beer a powerful and majestic character. Every year we create a one time vintage of this beer.


The special roast series is always an interesting creation from Bert’s own mind and experience in the trade as a Master Brewer, and they are bottled in special glass to reflect this distinction.

Rosie Rosa

This special roast is inspired by ‘Rosa’, a Jacques Brel tango. The beer was brewed with bread and without adding hops, following the example of the ancient Egyptians.

Winter Oak

For the Winter Oak, Bert Van Hecke roasted Belgian grown American white oak at different temperatures, giving the beer a powerful vanilla bourbon touch and majestic character.

Total Loss

Traditional Belgian breweries are mostly brewing traditional beers. We on the other hand are maltbakers! We dare to challenge your sensitive taste buds.

Wild Killed in Action

The Wild Killed in Action is our attempt to renew a Belgium sour style beer with a modern and funky twist.

Kriek & Berry

A full option fruit beer. This is NOT a candyshop Fruitbeer based on some inferior beer, this is a pure and complex brew with more as 20 ingredients.

Wild & Funky

This is our sour beer. This beer is the perfect thirst quencher during the summer days. We brewed this beer with apple and pear syrup.

IPA with pasta

IPA, IPA, IPA, people kept asking us to brew an IPA, so we said BASTA, enough is enough, we're going to make an IPA, a real Italian Pasta Ale.


Bert, a certified brewmaster, brews in the kettles that he hires as a gypsy brewer, and follows up the whole brewing process himself, from A to Z. We create our own beer recipes – with homemade malt forming the basis for a secret composition of ingredients, called a “BOM package” – that we brew according to the principles of a gypsy-brewery.


Brewing beer and baking malt can only be done using high quality, and by preference, authentic raw materials. This is an absolute necessity to create something new during baking the malt or in the course of the brewing process. All BOM raw materials fit to form a larger picture. There is not one single predominant ingredient. Bert Van Hecke personally chooses the grains, the basic malts, sugars and hops to guarantee the quality of the raw materials. We will never use artificial flavours or aromas. What you taste and smell is real!


Treating the grain in this way ensures a “made-to-measure” speciality malt which is unique in the world. We start off with grains that are either malted or not malted, and are baked or roasted at various temperatures with the result of the beer in mind. Other ingredients are often added during Maltbakery®’s process. This makes the possibilities endless. For this particular purpose, a coffee burner was completely converted according to the strict BOM quality demands.


Only Bert Van Hecke, malt baker and brew master, knows the ingredients and the proportions of the secret blends. Only he masters the whole process. Yet still, he chooses to provide the consumer with abundant information on his product. He delivers all ingredients to the brewery.


BOMBrewery is at this moment, a gypsy-brewery. This means we hire the kettles of another brewery to brew our own beers in it. A brewery could be described as a kind of sugar factory. The starch in the malt is transformed into sugars by mixing it with water and leaving it to rest at various temperatures. The yeast transforms these sugars into alcohol. The other ingredients, such as speciality BOM malts and hops that are used, determine the taste.


All BOM beers have a second fermentation in the bottle. Before the beer is bottled, a small portion of yeast and sugar are added to the beer. All sugar is eaten by the yeast and transformed into a little bit of alcohol and ‘carbonic’ gas. The bottle is capped, preventing the gas from escaping: it dissolves in the beer until the bottle is opened. This is what produces the bubbles and the beautiful foam collar after opening.

Step 6ENJOY!

Our beers are only served in pubs and restaurants that respect our product. They can of course, also be found in liquor stores that sell craft beer!. If you cannot find them, simply email us and we will see to it that you will soon be able to enjoy our beers in your favourite pub or restaurant, or in your easy chair at home after buying it from your bottle store!

Our Malts

In the old days, each brewery had its own malting house. Stemming from the tradition of the first Maltbakery® in the world, we bake all our own malts ourselves. We have developed new kinds of malt that cater to each beer individually. They are unique, and baked (or roatsed) according to our own creative methods to various degrees. Interesting fact: When a malt is baked we use an angel on the label of the beer. And when a malt is roasted, we use a devil.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM B is a malt baked at low temperature. A smooth malt with a rounded taste and the smell of freshly baked bread and caramel.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM W is a baked wheat malt. This malt gives the beer an extra smoothness and has a surprising flavour of popcorn.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM Thorefacto is a contraction of THOR, the name of our son and Torrefacto, a method for roasting coffee. During baking, a small quantity of sugar is added. The sugar caramelises around the malt grain.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM C is a coriander malt and is a produce based upon BOM B malt. Coriander seeds are added during the baking of the malt. The fine coriander aroma is freed during baking and is transferred to the malt.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM DRC = Double Roasted Chocolate Malt

The BOM DRC malt is our double roasted Belgian chocolate malt. This malt ensures a subtle hint of chocolate in the Hell and has a more pronounced burned taste than normal chocolate malt.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM Dark Roasted is a dark roasted malt, intensely burned into a black colour. During the roasting process, the bitter taste is mellowed using the new BOM process.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM Wheat Roast is a roasted wheat malt. This malt adds a soft, sourish, but still slightly burned taste to the beer.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM Seasalt is the sea salt malt variety. At the end of the burning process of roasted malt, a small amount of moist sea salt is added. The heat evaporates the moisture and the salt sticks to the grain, drying the latter completely and giving it a new character. This malt ensures a full tasting beer.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM Special Roast Belgian Oak malt is a long and slowly baked malt with hints of roasted flavors. This malt was roasted together with a small amount of Belgian oak.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM Special Roast Belgian Oak Wheat malt is a long and slowly baked wheat malt with hints of roasted flavors. This malt was roasted together with a small amount of Belgian oak.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM Special A is a recreated ‘lost’ Belgian malt. It’s a softly roasted and caramelized malt with a slight burned sugar flavor.


Baking/roasting degree

BOM Special B is a recreated ‘lost’ Belgian malt. It’s an intensely roasted and caramelized malt with a clear burned sugar profile.


Baking/roasting degree

A secret blend of BOM baked and roasted malts. The type ’12’ beers remain mysterious beers.


Baking/roasting degree

Six different malts: wheat, spelt, rye, oat, buckwheat and barley are blended and baked together at low temperature.


Baking/roasting degree

A very gently baked barley malt that reacts against the extremely deep roasted malts used in the Total Loss and by doing so restores the balance in that beer.


Baking/roasting degree

Black Shark Sweet is the blackest caramelized barley malt BOM can make. It is black as the night, but with an unique soft flavour.


Baking/roasting degree

Wheat malt roasted during 60 minutes on the highest possible temperature.


Baking/roasting degree

Extra white oak is added at the end of the roasting process of this black roasted wheat malt.

Brewery Construction.

Brewing beer is something we love. In fact, we love it so much, we help people and businesses across the world in developing and building their own custom breweries. We even got or own “BOMbrew” brewhouse, fermentation and equipment brand bringing brewing to the next level!

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You always wanted to see how the Maltbakery really looks and how all the Triporteur beers and malts taste? We now have our very own physical address for our maltbakery, shop and tasting room, so stay tuned to our social media channels to be the first in the know about happenings!


Hours: Fridays 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM, Saturdays 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

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Visiting us will give you the opportunity to taste a range of our beers in our tasting room, which is an experience in itself

Tastings can be done at anytime during our opening hours.

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Booking a brewery tour with us will give you a unique insight into the Triporteur process of making beer: from the malts, maltbakery, barrels, brewery building right through to of course, tasting the beers!

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Questions about the beers?

Bert will gladly answer them:

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Bert started as home brewer and learned the tricks of the trade in some world-famous breweries! As a graduated brewing engineer, he did an internship at the Orval brewery and at Rodenbach famous for the original Flemish red-brown beers brewery. Bert worked at the Gueuze Boon brewery as a cellar master and at the Sint Bernardus brewery as the brewmaster. He gained experience abroad in breweries in Fort Collins (USA), in Brooklyn (USA), as brewmaster in Suzhou (China) and in Galati (Romania).

His international experience earned him a place as a jury member during the World Beer Cup. In Austin, Texas, Bert built the new Celis Brewery where the Pierre Celis white beer is brewed again and also in Franschhoek, South Africa, where he built a new brewery according to his own BOM BREW design. In Bert’s search to master his craft he asked, ‘how do I do this myself, but better?’ He was inspired by the traditional way of creating specialty malts and how Rodenbach in earlier times,used a unique brewing method – by using a ‘Kiln’ to prepare their own malt.

Bert purchased a coffee roaster and remodeled it to create his own special malt. He purchased a white malt, (this is a basic malt that is light in colour and has only been kilned) and uses it for making his new variation of malt. Baking malt at low temperatures makes the malt smooth and light. Roasting malt at higher temperatures makes the malt darker and more intense. Super fresh malt is used for brewing beer within the 48 hours.

Bert creates an individual recipe for every single beer. The homemade malt forms the basis for a secret composition of ingredients, called a “BOM package”. On the basis of that secret recipe Bert himself brews (in the kettles) that he hires as a gypsy brewer. He follows up the whole brewing process himself, from A to Z.


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